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Welcome to our science page!

Here at Saint Thomas More, we passionately believe in the wonder and importance of science.

We know that a high-quality science education provides the children with the foundations for understanding how the world around us works. From Early Years Foundation Stage right through to Year 6, we ensure that all children focus on the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, developing their scientific knowledge, concepts and vocabulary. As such, we have developed a progressive curriculum that deepens the children’s scientific understanding and skills, assessing their progress as they go. We regularly review and evaluate our science curriculum to make it the best that it can be.

We equip the children with the skills they need so that they can work scientifically to explore their learning with increasing independence. There is nothing better than an exciting science experiment! Children regularly work practically, using a range of resources and equipment to investigate their ideas, to ask and answer questions and to then share their findings critically. We value the skills of discussion, explanation, prediction and analysis. We want children to be able to articulate their scientific ideas, findings and conclusions, so we encourage the children to present their science learning, both individually and collaboratively.

What is most important is that the children love their science learning. We plan opportunities for the children to learn and apply their science in cross-curricular, creative and fun ways. We want to develop in the children a passion for science, to develop their own sense of curiosity and excitement, to see science’s practical uses and its power to change lives and our future. Here at Saint Thomas More we want to develop the scientists of the future, who will use their learning to enhance the lives of the world around them.

There is always lots going on in school so do visit this page regularly to see updates on the science learning going on around school!