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Stimulating children and supporting working parents

Welcome to Care Club!
We offer extensive term time wrap-around care from 7.15am to 5.30pm for all year groups, including nursery. We offer a tasty, healthy breakfast which is eaten in a relaxed and sociable environment. A light picnic style tea is served in the afternoon daily, this typically consists of assorted filled sandwiches and healthy snacks.  

Activities are varied and include, arts & crafts, games, outdoor play, cooking and computing.

Before school £5.50: 7.15am-8.50am
After School Option 1 £5.50: 3.20pm-4.40pm
After School Option 2 £8.25: 3.20pm-5.30pm 

If you have any questions or want more information about Care Club please contact Charlotte Turner, Care Club Manager: 07398812016 or email: